Burnout to Rebirth

A Program For Women Professionals, Entrepreneurs and High-Achievers

Leave Burnout and Stress in the Ashes While You Achieve Balance, Clarity, and Creativity in Your Work and Daily Life

Who Am I?

For a long time, I knew I was in a job I didn’t particularly like. I found it stressful, with hours all over the place, very little support, and little to no appreciation for the time and work I put in. But, it paid the bills and I liked my colleagues, so I thought, ‘It could be worse; just deal with it, Tess.’ And I did… for 7 years.

Since I was a kid, I’ve struggled with anxiety, an invisible negative force that never goes away, just managed better or worse depending on life’s circumstances. But when the pandemic hit, it all came crashing down on me and I fell to pieces. I was constantly snappy and moody with my husband, friends, colleagues… even my clients. I would fall into random—sobbing in hindsight perhaps not all that random—sobbing messes curled up on the kitchen floor, choking for breath, mind-wheeling. My relationship with my husband was fraying.

When I reached the lowest point of my burnout, after talking it through with my husband, we decided it was best for me to quit my job and try to make my way as a yoga teacher.

When I started out on my own, I dove into ways to get myself back on track: healthy and happy. I studied yoga for pelvic health, working to get my body back. I studied yoga for mental health, learning how to stop myself from reaching the same spiraling black depths. I became certified in mindfulness coaching, learning how to best catch my limiting beliefs and reframe them. I trained in Yoga Nidra and meditation, learning how to rest and heal the body from the inside out. And I started training to become a certified yoga therapist so I can better holistically support myself and my clients.

Through my own experiences with anxiety and burnout, and my years of study, along with working with others who are also struggling with similar issues, I have developed a vast toolkit of tried, tested and science-backed techniques that I know will also help you step out of your own negative cycles of stress, anxiety, and burnout.

If you’re ready to make the changes and do the work to rise above the ashes of your burnout into a life of balance, joy, creativity, and, ultimately, success, I’m here to help you thrive.

  • Yoga Therapist C-IAYT [in progress]
  • Certified Mindfulness Coach
  • Experienced Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200
  • Mental Health Aware Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Nidra and “softer-side of yoga”
  • Pregnancy Yoga RPYT and Advanced Postnatal
  • Trauma-Informed Professional
  • Yoga Teacher training in Mysore, India

About My Program


Who It Is For?

This program is for

  • Female executives, small business owners, and high-achievers who are struggling with stress, and anxiety and on the verge of burnout
  • Women who want to bring back clarity, joy, balance, and ease into their life
  • Women who have no longer want to feel lost and alone as they grapple with work-life balance

Who It Is Not For?

This program is not for

  • Those who are only looking for a “magic pill” and are not willing to make the investment and put in the work to change their mindset, unsupportive habits, and downward spiral they find themselves on
  • Those who still believe they can just “deal with it,” even though they’re noticing all the tell-tale signs of chronic stress, anxiety, fatigue… burnout.
  • Those who are experiencing serious mental illness as a result of burnout, stress and/or anxiety, or any other serious physical ailment, should first connect with a medical professional
Module One

Review the Good, the Bad, and the Goal


  • Know the goal that you want to work towards and why you want to get there
  • Pinpoint what is and isn’t working; what are some of the root causes of your stress, anxiety, and burnout
  • Establish the next steps of the following weeks to help you gain more clarity, balance and success


When life gets heavy, overwhelming and unsustainable it’s time to review what is and isn’t working. We’ll work together to give you clarity on your goals and the next steps we’ll take to get you there.

Module Two

Reframe for Your Success


  • Uncover the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck 
  • Reframe your limiting beliefs to create an empowering mindset
  • Gain tools to continue the reframing work in your day-to-day


We all have limiting beliefs, but it’s up to us to decide how they affect us. We’ll work together to unravel your limiting beliefs, begin reframing your mindset, and start implementing mindset and habit changes into your daily life so you can feel more like a good friend than your worst nemesis.

Module Three

Bust Your Stress & Anxiety


  • Pinpoint your current stress and anxiety triggers
  • Know how to use your senses, breath, and mindful movement to reduce stress and anxiety responses in your body
  • Catch yourself when you’re ruminating on negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and reframe them so they’re supportive and encouraging


Stress and anxiety are unavoidable in life, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall and stay trapped in their claws. You’ll learn–and practice–somatic techniques to stop yourself from continually getting burnt by stress and anxiety. When shit hits the fan, you’ll know how to approach it in a clear, calm, and balanced manner

Module Four

Make & Keep Your Work-Life Boundaries


  • Create accessible and sustainable work-life boundaries
  • Recognize when you’re breaking them so you can get yourself back on track
  • Feel more at ease and in control of your life at work and at home.


As a woman, you feel the need to do everything, serve everyone, never stop, and never complain… and it’s killing you. We’ll establish accessible and sustainable work-life boundaries and work together to keep you accountable and keep those boundaries in check!

Module FIVE

Plan for Your Success


  • Create a custom plan that will keep you focused on avoiding burnout while you pursue your goals
  • Celebrate you, the lengths you’ve come and your renewed love for yourself
  • Turn your creativity back on and see where it takes you


You’ve stepped out of the ashes of your burnout but where do you go from there? Cherish and sustain this refreshed, creative and successful version of you, creating a plan to keep up the good work, so that you continue to thrive, no matter what the world decides to throw at you.

Module Six

Implement With Confidence


  • Know that you are doing each element of your plan correctly and get your questions answered
  • Overcome any obstacles that stand in your way
  • Receive accountability support to keep you committed and moving forward


Now it’s time to start implementing your plan, but you won’t have to do this alone. I’ll be with you with one weekly check-in call for the next four weeks to make sure you get off to a good start and nothing stands in your way of burnout to rebirth.

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